Labor only moving

If you think your moving project might be too small for us, we need to let you know that there is no such a thing when you hire professional movers such as Top Movers Houston. No matter what type of project you are planning, we can help you out. Reach out to us to get a moving quote that is free and simple. We want to talk to you about your moving project. The more we get to know, the better moving plan we can come up with. All of our moving plans are unique because they are based on your needs and we fully understand that every move is for itself. Our customer support team will make sure you get a perfect solution for your needs.


When it comes to your moving day, there is nothing to worry about because all of our team members are trained, experienced and professional. They are not just your furniture movers, they will help with disassembly or reassembly of your items. In the case of a loading job, we will wrap up your furniture with plastic wrap. Our team is more than experienced when it comes to heavy lifting, so safety is something you shouldn’t worry about for sure. 


Price with Top Movers Houston is always affordable and without any hidden fees. You will be able to plan your budget with us! 


Types of local move that we usually do: 

  • Loading/Unloading of a moving truck, U-haul or pod
  • Moving within the same building or building complex
  • Staging your home for sale
  • Rearranging your furniture
  • Clearing the area for the event or party


There is much more, you just need to reach out to us and we will talk about your moving needs!