Freqeuntly Asked Questions

1. When to pay movers?

Most of the local moving services in Houston TX are charging for their services hourly. That is why you are paying for the move once the service is done and they see how many hours they spent helping you. You will get to choose how you would like to pay.

2. Can movers move plants?

Plants are very tricky to be safely moved. There are few reasons for that – they cannot be properly protected with any moving materials and also cannot be safely placed in a moving truck so they don’t move during the relocation. That is why most of the local moving companies recommend moving plants by yourself. If that is not possible, movers will do it, but probably their insurance won’t cover any damages.

3. Will movers move suitcases?

Yes of course! Whatever you use to pack your personal belongings will be moved by your movers. It is completely reasonable that you would like to use suitcases, storage bins etc. Feel free to do so.

4. Why tip movers?

First thing you should know is that you are not obligated to tip the movers, but as tipping became a part of our culture, it is always a nice gesture to give something extra to your local movers after they did a hard work for you. How much to tip the movers is totally up to you, however you feel.

5. Where to find movers?

When it comes to finding a local moving company to help you move, you can check with your friends and family if they have referrals. If not, the internet is your best friend. Type on your search movers near me or furniture movers near me and start reading reviews and doing your research.

6. How many movers do I need?

You should leave this to the professionals. Your chosen local moving company has experience and they will ask you lots of questions regarding the move size, heavy items, stairs etc. and based on that they will recommend the number of movers that is the most suitable for your upcoming relocation.

7. What if movers break something?

If you scheduled licensed local movers they always have insurance included in the price. That is basic coverage insurance, but usually they are ready to go one step further if something more valuable is damaged. Anyhow, you can start a claim process and they will find a solution that is the best to solve the issue that occurred.

8. Movers who also pack?

Any professional local moving company can help you with both, packing and moving. You should just request packing service, because it is usually not a part of a standard service that moving companies are offering.

9. Are movers usually late?

There are many professional Houston TX moving companies and if you hire one of them, you can feel safe when it comes to late arrival. Of course, sometimes some unpredictable things can happen, but even if your movers are going to be late, they should inform you ahead of time.

10. When to call movers?

There is just one proper advice when it comes to this – as soon as you know that you need to move! Don’t wait until the last moment because you might lose your preferred moving date or even your preferred moving company.